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Why it is important to have an attorney when charged with an OVI.

For most people, getting charged with an OVI is one of the worst moments of their life. Although some may be tempted to plead guilty at arraignment, it is extremely important to contact an OVI attorney to preserve your rights. There are many different steps that police officers must follow when charging someone with an OVI. Police officers and prosecutors can often be over-zealous and it is essential an OVI attorney is hired to review the case. The prosecutor must be able to prove that the accused committed the crime of operating a vehicle under the influence beyond a reasonable doubt. Do not let the prosecutor bully you into pleading guilty to an OVI charge when it is possible the prosecutor may not have enough evidence to convict you.

In Ohio, the penalties for OVI offenses have recently increased. A driver's license can be suspended for a minimum of one year; even for a first time offense. If a qualified attorney is hired, that attorney can look through all of the evidence the state has against the accused. For example, an OVI attorney will review any dash cam and booking videos, will review the police report, and check to make sure that the breathalyzer machine is in compliance with the Ohio Administrative Code. If the attorney finds that the police did not follow the proper procedures, this will be crucial in the plea-bargaining and/or trial process.

Furthermore, the penalties for multiple OVI offenses get progressivly harsher with each and every OVI conviction. These penalties could include longer mandatory jail time, increased fines, increased license suspension, vehicle immobilization, and even forfeiture of the vehicle to the state. Although it is wise to contact an attorney as soon as you have been charged with an OVI, it is even more critical to contact an attorney if you are facing an OVI charge with previous OVI convictions on your record.

If you have been charged with an OVI, do not go to arraignment without first speaking with an OVI attorney. An attorney will be essential in guiding you through the court process, reviewing the state's evidence against you, and helping you make a decision on whether to plea-bargain or go to trial. OVI and criminal defense attorney, Mark A. Cicero, would be happy to review your case and fight for your rights.

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